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Hey everyone,
Finally got up the courage to take the leap and dismantle my console so that it could be wrapped. I don’t have to go into detail, see many threads on this forum complaining about gloss black, but I detest the gloss black interior trim and needed to get rid of it.
After doing some research I found a few good resources to start the process:


These two links we’re a great starting basis but left some steps unknown. So for anyone else who’d like to venture into this DIY, I’ve tried to create a more detailed step-by-step guide to wrapping your console.
⚠ Disclaimer ⚠
Please use this information at your own risk, there’s a chance for damaging your interior if not careful!

Step 1: Purchase a good quality vinyl wrap and a wrap tool kit (if you do not already have the proper tools).
I went with the following VViViD wrap:

And I also picked up this wrap tool kit (which really came in handy):

And finally, you’ll want some trim removal tools (very useful for removing window switches) and a heat gun (I used the wife’s hair dryer).

Step 2: Remove console
In order to remove the console, you must first remove the gear shifter. To remove the gear shifter, first put the car in neutral (for automatic trans, not sure about the manual). Then the chrome cap (for the button you press when shifting) needs to be removed by prying it out from the little square hole using a screw driver. BE CAREFUL not to scratch this chrome cap, as it is easy to do (learned the hard way). I would suggest putting some tape on the top to try and prevent scratching. The removal of this cap for some reason wanted to fight me and was potentially the most difficult part of this whole procedure.

Next step to remove the shifter is to remove a little clip (that was previously hidden by the chrome cap).

The easiest way I found to remove this metal clip is to use a screw driver and pry the clip down (put your screwdriver just above the clip where the green arrow is pointing). Once the metal clip clears the black plastic piece in the center, it will become loose. I then used a small set of needle nose pliers to fully remove the metal clip.


Do not put the car back in park, unless you want to awkwardly have to re-attach the four cables in order to get the car out of park again. Without the shifter being in neutral the console will not fit back on
(Learned this the hard way as well)

Next you need to move back the center arm rest, and start lifting up the console by pulling straight up on the both sides as pointed to in the pic below.


Then pop the rest of the clips on both sides out until the whole thing can be removed.

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Step 3: Disassemble console
In order to wrap the console flat, you will need to remove all of the infotainment buttons, the P-R-N-D panel, shift boot, chrome trim and leather side walls.
To do this, start by removing eight black phillips head screws on the backside (two extra black screws if you wish to remove the sport mode selector). The link above circles all of the screws that are needed to be removed.

Then the infotainment buttons will come out.

Next, remove the shifter boot by removing the two steel phillips head screws. Once removed, lift up that side of the boot, and slide out the two tabs on the other side of the boot.




Now, you need to remove the two side walls. To do this, there are two clips that must be detached. One yellow one on the bottom and a black one on the top (as shown in the pic below).




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Now we’re only left with:

Next, the chrome trim piece must be removed. It is held in with three clips on both sides and two clips on top and bottom (top and bottom clips are very stiff).


So close, only one piece left (the P-R-N-D selector)! It is held in by two clips on top and bottom (pointed to by arrows in pics below).





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Step 4: Prep and wrap console
First, start by cleaning off the panel with a lint-free towel and rubbing alcohol. (I took the panel inside for a better workspace)

After it is fully cleaned and free from lint (if not wrap won’t stick properly). Cut out a piece of your wrap that is slightly longer on each edge (0.5-1inch).

** ⚠Disclaimer, again ⚠ **
This is the first time I’ve ever wrapped anything. So I’d sugguest doing what I did, and research some step-by-step guides as well as Youtube videos on how to wrap before continuing.

Start by warming up your wrap with a heat gun (or hair dryer). Only needs 5-10 secs of heat, as you don’t want it to melt. Then with a flat work area, remove the wrap backing and place the wrap flat down (sticky side up). Place the console panel straight down into the wrap.

I started with the outside edges first (just personal preference). You don’t have to be super picky with the sides along where the side walls attach because they will snap into place overtop and cover these parts. The most important edges are the top and bottom because you will see these parts when the cup holders or center arm rest are open.
Each time you pull down the wrap over an edge I’d suggest heating it first, to allow it to stretch and conform to the shape and stick in place.

Next begin cutting out the inside edges.


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Step 6: Prep and wrap cupholder cover
I’ve looked into trying to remove the cupholder cover but from everything I can find, it doesn’t seem like it is easy to be removed. If anyone knows otherwise, let me know!
(P.S. I know, I know, I need to clean my car)



Same as the console, clean off the cover with a lint-free towel and rubbing alcohol.
I found that it was easiest to wrap the cover with the console still removed, which allowed for easier cutting.

Now the tricky part, depending on your OCD levels. This is up to personal preference, but I wanted to have the carbon fiber weave pattern line up from the console to the cup holder cover. Some people may not mind if it doesn’t, and this will be easier for them.
In order to line up the pattern, I had to put the console back into place (but without popping the clips back in). Then I was able to roughly judge how the cover’s wrap would have to be placed.
I then heated up the wrap, removed the backing and put the wrap in place (making sure to line up the pattern while the console was still floating in place). Once the back of the cover is stuck in place, you can remove the console to get more room to work.
Sorry no pics of the wrap in process

Don’t be scared to pull back up the wrap and reapply if you need to remove creases/wrinkles.

I found the best solution for all sides was (with the cover in the closed position) to cut the wrap flush with each edge. There is little clearance here so I figured wrapping of the edges of each of these sides would potentially catch when opening/closing and result in the wrap lifting up.
In order to find the the lines where you need to cut, I found using either your finger nail or a credit card to run along these lines to create a slight trench in the wrap helps define and make more visible the lines you need to cut along.

Using the same method, create a small trench around the chrome little strip to define wre to cut. Then cut this piece out.

This is how it turned out:


Step 6: Reinstall console
Now that the cupholder cover is now wrapped, the console can now be put back into place.
Make sure you reattach the four wire connectors first. Then line the back of the side walls up with the dash, and slip the shifter boot over the shifter. Then sit the console down and check the sides to make sure the clips all line up, and then pop it back into place.

Finally, reattach the gear shifter by putting the metal clip back into place and pop the chrome cover for the shift button back on.



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Step 7: Remove door trim pieces
This part requires some trim removal tools, and you may want to put down some tape on your arm rest area to prevent scratching. I found that they popped out easiest if I started on the side (see passenger’s side pic). All trim peices have a j clip type thing that requres the top part to come out before the bottom. Once the door trim peices have come loose, you then need to detach the wiring connector.

Front Driver’s side



Front Passenger’s side



Rear doors:



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Step 8: Wrap door trim pieces
Use the same techniques used in Step 4 when wrapping the console.



Step 9: Reinstall door trim pieces
Reinstallation is really easy. First, reconnect the wiring connector, then line up the bottom j clip thingy and push straight down into place. It will click when it is fully in.




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Step 10: Wrap small trim squares on both rear doors and the front passenger door
I ended up having to wrap these three little pieces in place. I tried removing them but they’re on there pretty solid and I felt like I
was going to break something if I pried any harder. Since they’re super tiny, I was able to cut some squares out of some scrap pieces I had left over from before.
The best way I was able to do this was to start by lining up the back of your wrap with the door panel. Once stuck in place here, you can flatten the rest of the wrap on the top of the trim piece. On the outside, opposite of the door panel, use your finger or credit card to create a small ridge where you will cut along. Then tuck any edge down in this crack. Now, the front and back trim piece has a defined line where it fits onto the door pull. I used this line to cut along. Since this is down low where no one will look, it is less important to be super precise.
Front Passenger:

Rear Passenger

Rear Driver

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I would love to hear what everyone thinks. Also if anyone has any other tips/tricks I’d love to hear them. Hope this guide will be useful to others!

Also curious to know if the little top door trim pieces can actually come out? If anyone knows let me know.

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Awesome guide! Thanks for sharing, looking to do the center console myself in the near future. This will come in real handy!
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This looks amazing! Great write up. I would love to do myself but Im scared to death to take apart all these interior pieces lol
Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!
I was very hesitant to do this as well. But I’d gotten to the point where my wife was making fun of me that I hadn’t removed the white plastic covers over the piano black sections after 10 months of ownership. So when the COVID lockdown happened, it seemed like there would no better time to do this.
After completing it all, I would suggest anyone try this (So long as they have the right tools) because I had 0 prior experience of wrapping and I think it turned out pretty good.
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