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The New CWP 3
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So if you're here you've probably encountered this:

Literally the most annoying thing ever, so we're going to convert those stripped problems to these:

So here's what you need in a picture:

And also in a list:
Wheel Removing Tools: (For easy access)
Jack (Not in picture, should be obvious)
Breaker Bar
Torque Wrench

Adaptation of the Holes: (May not need to depending on how big your nutserts are)
Drill bit (Anything big enough to allow you to easily make the circle large enough to fit the end of the nutsert in)

Nutsert Installment: (You can buy just general nutserts and then use a washer and a bolt but I bought this NRG kit randomly at one point and never used them until now)
(These all apply to my kit and vary if you buy one of these sets or if you get just general nutserts and bolts)
NRG Fender Washers Set (100 series)
10 mm Socket
14 mm Wrench
4 mm Allen Wrench

Plastic Fender Whatevers Removers
Screwdriver (For the ones you haven't messed up if any)
Any two pronged contraption, a turkey fork in my case (For the ones that are messed up, just get leverage and yank them out)

The Actual Doing:

Step 1: Remove the old plastic bits (No pictures)

Step 2: Widen the holes with the drill if necessary to fit in nutserts (Check if there's anything behind your fender so in case you go in at an angle your aren't drilling into anything liquid filled, I know that there's a tank of something, I believe windshield washer fluid, behind the right fender liner)

Step 3: Insert the nutsert and tighten it down
Make sure that you place the nutsert only in the hole of the bumper, not in the fender liner otherwise that fender liner is not going to be leaving the bumper without some work.

Then using the provided tool, put pressure on the nutsert with your wrench from where it sits in the photo below and spin the bolt with your ratchet so that it pulls the nutsert together and clamps down on the bumper, make sure that it won't spin so that you won't have any trouble later on

It'll look like this once you've tightened it down

Step 4: Thread in the bolt with a washer and tighten up!
Put in the bolts and tighten it up with an allen wrench, no need to torque it very much as not much force will be applied to it during driving, also helps with making sure the nutsert won't spin later on

And now you have this and no stripped plastic to make you mad

I did the three bolts on each side of the front bumper that attach to the wheel well because those are the ones that get removed if you want the bumper off, so no stress for you from now on!

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Those are nice; bit too nice for something that just get junk tossed on them.
For any potential readers; high quality products are a must!
Don't want to throw ebay junk in there and expect it to last, it will rust!

Or just do as Gen1 owners do. Put a second hole somewhere, and zip tie it all together lol.
I finally did that to mine a month ago. Those plastic things are great for a stock car, not so much once you enter the realm of rubbing anything.

(which is why I phase aware from this granted nice setup, but rubber against metal is always a bad idea)

Very good writeup though. Hopefully some will use this though. Those plastic things become a massive PITA when there is nothing left on them to twist, but are jammed in place.

ch ch ch chia
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Nice writeup. I hope those are stainless steel though. I replaced some of mine with push fit plastic pins like the ones under the hood and they seem to be holding up great.

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@DAYTEK thank you for the guide, copied just what you did and not only I like having better bolts in there but I like the looks too.

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