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This Write up is about how to apply suede to your Headliner and Pillars.... But this could benefit anyone trying to remove the headliner/pillars for just cause reasons as well!

This Mod is rather simple to do ...

Step one::
Begin this Removing the driver seat ... Pretty simple - 4 bolts and the airbag clip under the seat and pull it out of the car carefully without scatching up the door and plastic panels.

You can remove the back seat cushion as well but I didnt. But to do that, all you have too do is pull up on the cushion working ur way from driver side to pass. side. Once the the connectors give way, remove the seat.

Seat(s) Removal

Step two::
You start off by removing the visors, Dome light, map lights, and the three circle things in the back by the rear window. Those are all pretty simple to do, all it consist of is a flat head screw driver and a fiber cloth and pop the lights out of the head liner.

Step Three::
Removing the O'Sh*T handles and the clips that the visors clip into can be rather difficult to a degree. The only tool you need to do remove them is the smaller flat head or the same will work as well ! You insert the flat head in the notch on the side pop it out towards you!

Step Four::
Now you need to remove the pillars.. This is a challenge but you need to be patient. The rear pillars are pretty easy.. Like the 3 circle things on the headliner, you need to remove one. Now pull the pillar out and towards you .... repeat this for the opposite side

The seat belt pillar can be rather tricky and is hard to figure out without watching first hand. The key is to pull the pillar down and then back towarads you...rotate the part of the seat belt that the belt goes through and put it through the pillar hole so the pillar can slide down and then you can get to the bolts to detach the seat belt from the wall. The Picture shows you how to angle the seat belt but thats about it. ....Repeat this method with the pass. side !

At this Point the headliner should be pretty much hanging except the front where it meets the A-Pillars. Now Keep in mind that I have an I model soo there wasnt any issues worrryin about no airbags. For the A-Pillars.. its pretty simple if you read the workshop manual ... There are 3 connectors... two are poppers and one is like a legit connector! Pull the pillar towards you or out towards the middle of the car. The top will pop out a little but the bottom two will completely let free. Once this has happened, pull the pillar up towards the ceiling and the front connector should give way.... Repeat this for the pass. side!

There you rookies have it! Now for the challenging part... Wiggle you headliner out the rear driver side door. Be careful not the F*&6 up the headliner by creasing it and what not ! Be carefull and patient .. this will take some time and brains!

:: PHASE 2 ::

Once you have received your fabric (syfabics.com) and you have purchased Headliner adhesive being spraying down the headliner.. Since I had no help, I divided the headliner into two. and did it little by little. Follow the directions on the back of the adhesive when applying. Each glue is different! slowly smooth all creases and air pockets out. THIS WILL BE A PAIN IN THE ROYAL A$$! I recommend having the assistance of someone !

All the same rules apply if your appling the fabic to the pillars !!!

Let it cure for a while and re-install everything !!

:: PHASE 3 ::

REPEAT PHASE 1 for the install of the headliner !!

This Link can assist you with the mod !!

Finished Product !!!

NaiBukizuato83 ~ Jut
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