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So there has been a few threads created mainly asking how to remove the grille inserts on the front bumper. Here's how it's done. Hope this helps. :wink: Shouldn't take no more than 30min.

Tools needed: Phillips screwdriver, Small and Medium Flat head, 8mm and 10mm socket with ratchet.

Keep all your bolts and clips in order so don't loose any of them or have extra screws laying around.

Pop the hood and start popping off these clips with your flat head and use the Phillips to remove the two bolts.

Then move to the inside of fender and unscrew the 3 plastic screws and aslo the top screw. Do the same to the otherside as well.

Once done, move underneath the bumper and remove all 11 bolts using the 8mm and 10mm. 9 of teh bolts are 8mm and two are the 10mm.

Now basically the bumper is ready to come off. First go to either side of the fender and reach behind and pull on the side of the bumper. Like so.

And it should pop off easy.

Now at this point carefully remove the bumper off the car and set it on the ground. Now you may want to disconnect the fog lights so that u have room to work inside of the bumper.

First remove the Styrofoam.

Reach behind the foam and find the back of the pin. Push the center of the pin out to get a grip of the center piece. Pull the center pin out and the circle clip should come right out.

Then the two clips, push the little tabs in and remove the foam piece.

Next remove the top piece. Unscrew all these bolts. The center part will come out first then the rest will come off.

On to the lower part/ mesh area.
Next remove the two lover bolts.

Then pop out this small clip near the emblem backing.

Then pop of this clip on the left and right side.

Then pop of the top 6 little clips. Easy way is to push the center of the clip down and then pull up on the clip.

Here's what takes the longest and somewhat a little frustrating is unclip all these tabs that line the mesh part. Using the Flat head screwdriver will come in handy so you don't break a precious finger nail.

And these on the left and right side.

Now that whole piece should come off as one big piece. Next your going to want to unclip the center part of the big piece to release the actual center insert on the front side

Unclip these tabs working your way around to the other side, and the grille insert should come right out.

Looks like this.

And you are done. Repeat steps backwards to re-assemble the bumper. Easy-peazy!:tt2:

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