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This guide will allow you to:
1. install LED DRL's strips that will stay on whenever the car is powered on and will shut off automatically when car is off.
2. enable said LED DRL's to dim at night when low beams are on
3. use them as turn signals
4. disable stock turn signals
5. disable stock DRL
6. Fully reversible mod with minimal damage done to factory harnesses.

This guide is for:
- Models without the factory bi-xenon bulbs.
.....Canadian GS models or below
.....American iGT models or below? (I'm from Canada so I'm not too familiar with American trims)
- Those who have installed an aftermarket HID kit with a relay harness. This is to free up one of the factory low beam harnesses so we can tap into it without splicing the factory harness

Time Required: Expect to spend a whole day depending on how skilled you are with wiring. You can create all the wiring needed first and then install on another day like how I did

Difficulty: Moderate, requires creating custom harnesses

Required Tools:
- 4-5 meters of 14 AWG red wire
- 4-5 meters of 14 AWG black wire
- Bare metal butt crimps. About 20x 14-16 AWG and a dozen 16-22 AWG each (http://www.uta.com.tw/upload_files/wire-connectors/p04.jpg)
- Ratcheting crimp tool (http://www.harborfreight.com/media/...b33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/image_13193.jpg)
- Wire cutters and strippers (http://www.adafruit.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/wirestrippers_LRG.jpg)
- Electrical tape
- Weather sealed heat shrink (with the glue inside). Regular heat shrink is okay as well but weather sealed ones will hold up longer
- Heat gun or lighter
- 5-pack weather sealed 1 pin connector (1 5mm Superseal Waterproof CAR Electrical Wire Cable Connector 1 2 3 4WAY PIN PL | eBay)
- 5-pack weather sealed 2 pin connector (same link as above)
- 2x 50 Watt 6ohm Load resistors
- roughly 3 Meters of flex tubing (NEW HOT Fashion Flexible 10mm DIA Black Plastic Corrugated Conduit Tube E | eBay)
- a single H11 harness extension for cannibalizing. I can't remember if the factory H11 connector is male or female so just get this extension and then cut and splice. (2X H11 H8 H9 Wiring Harness Socket Wire Connector Plug FOR HID LED Foglight | eBay)

Required Products:
- Actual LED strip for the 2014 Mazda 3 (2X Stage Control Chrome DRL LED Daytime Running Lights FOR MAZDA3 Axela 2013 14 | eBay)
- DRL Controller (LED Daytime Running Light DRL Relay Harness W Auto ON OFF Control Switch SMD RE | eBay)
- Matte Black Plastidip

It's a big list of required items but I chose to make my mod last (weather sealed, insulated, and protected) but it's up to you if you want to skimp on some parts and make it less durable

Disclaimer: Do this mod at your own risk. I am not responsible for any sort of spontaneous combustion of your car, any sort of world war, if your dog dies, or if you suddenly grow wings. Red bull doesn't actually let you fly.


General Schematic:

Those who do not wish to turn their LED DRL's into turn signals can skip steps 1-3

Step 1:
Remove fog light and/or fog light covers. Look closely at the harnesses and you'll find one that is clipped to the front bumper as shown in figure 9. Disconnect the the clip, then the harness. You can now reach in and disconnect/remove the turn signal bulb. You'll see that it's roughly a 12 inch pigtail harness. Remove the bulb from this and put it in a safe place. Then set the harness aside for splicing. Repeat for other side.
figure 9.jpg

Step 2:
Follow figure 8b and cut the pigtail harness from step 1 in half. Crimp on the 2 pin weather sealed connectors. Make sure you crimp it properly with the rubber gasket. Make sure you keep track of where you put the male/female connectors. The way I have it set up is so the custom harness can be removed and then the pigtail harness you just spliced can be plugged back together in case you want to revert to stock. This is the only damage done to factory harnesses
figure 8b.jpg

Step 3:
Time to create the custom harness that will let you tap into the factory turn signals to turn your new LED DRL into a turn signal. The diagram shows the completed harness. The harness in the green box is what you just made in step 2. You're now trying to make what's outside of the green box. Use figure 8a as an example.

Make sure the male/female connectors correctly mate with the factory harness from step 2. Also make sure the positive and negative leads match.

Then just but a 1 pin male connector on the last wire (highlighted in yellow in figure 8). This wire goes back to the DRL controller.
figure 8a.jpg figure 8.jpg

Step 4:
This is the pinout for the new DRL controller. positive/negative and the blue/yellow wires are to your turn signal lights. (or the harness you just made in step 3). Somehow get these to the fog light area on each side of your car. You can follow what i did and cut off the harness from the LED light (leave roughly a 6'' tail on the LED light, don't worry you'll add a connector to it after). Then use the cut off harness to extend the DRL controller's harness so they can reach.

Step 5:
Follow figure 2 and 5 and use it as an example. I labeled the points where i dropped the DRL harness's
Figure 2.jpg Figure 5.jpg

Step 6:

Step 7:
Follow figure 7 to cut the original harness from the LED light and crimp on the connector that came with the new DRL controller. I used the harness that i cut off to extend the new DRL controller's. It's up to you what you want to do but just somehow get all 3 wires to the fog light areas on each side of the car. Then crimp on a female 1 pin connector to the yellow/blue wire. (this is to be plugged into the custom harness you made earlier in step 3.

To be Continued...

This gif shows how my DRL's act when signalling left:
Right DRL stays solid, while the left DRL blinks in unison with the rest of the turn signals on my car. When I stop signalling, both DRL's will turn solid. Vice versa for signalling right. Emergency lights will make both flash.
In this GIF, my low beam HID's are on. Also, I haven't blacked out the stock turn signal lens yet.


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I know this post is a bit old, but is very relevant to what I am trying to do so thought it best to post here.

I have purchased the harness as above that dim's the DRL's when the headlights come on. I have hooked it all up as per instructions on the sellers site, and from here. But my DRL's will NOT come on without the headlights on.
Even totally separate from the Headlights, and the DRL's having their own closed wiring loop to the battery, and they will not come on unless I supply power via the "Headlight dimming wire".
The only thing I can think of is that the relay is unable to tell that the car is on when plugged directly to the battery. Perhaps due to the istop system that puts power back into the car while braking??

Perhaps I need to plug the power lead into a source that is definitely drawing/supplying power as soon as the ignition is turned on? If so, what are people's thoughts on the best link?

I am unsure, so if anyone has any thoughts, I would be very grateful.


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Quick update.

It would appear that the relay responds when there is a draw on the battery. So when the AC starts up etc.
I am only guessing, but perhaps the relay works by sensing a amperage drop or draw and switches on... and then when that goes away it turns off. Which makes trying to find somewhere after the battery etc that is drawing power as soon as the ignition is turned on the right course to take.
Still would like other's thoughts on the matter, and where best to connect to.


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Busy with school and work. I should this off on the weekend for you guys :)

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