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So just because our cars are far from the fancy Lexus or other VIP models doesn't mean we canʻt have a luxury/vip styled 3. I for one love that style and style my mazda around the VIP scene. Anyway this will be a how to for installing up puddle lights.

In total the install took me about 4 hours but I worked on it through out the day and had many breaks to do house errands and what not. Anyway it was a simple install for me and should be for most people that are decent with wiring and stuff.

The tools needed were:
Soldering Iron w/ Solder
Philips Screw Driver
Electrical Tape
Drill w/ those bits made to drill bigger holes not sure what theyʻre called exactly.
(I just sized it by holding it up to the light so not sure on exact size and it will change based on what kit you get I assume.)
Wire Stripper

So lets begin!! First the kit I got was off ebay for about $40, here are some pics of the kit. It comes with all the lights pre wired and a tone of extra wire to make your connection in the car. I was satisfied.

Step 1: I started off by pulling my side skirts which was an easy task but take your time and be patient so you don't break any tabs/clips off. Anyway you just pop all the clips out and your good to go they are off. Next clean them up a little bit and then set those aside and move on.

Step 2: You are going to want to locate where you are going to connect you positive and negative wire. I wired it into my dome lights so that they come on when I unlock my doors and open my doors and then fade off after time. The wires I taped were the Violet and Green wire located back behind the fuse pannel on the driver side.

Step 3: Next I routed my wires so that I can solder them onto the wires I am going to tap into. I routed my wires through the plastic plate that covers the hole where the clutch pedal would come through the car. So if you have a automatic you can use my location but if you have standard your going to have to find another way. To get the wires here I just dropped them down behind the batter box and fished them through its pretty easy.

Step 4: Once the wires are routed I stripped a section of the green and violet wire and then soldered my Red to the Violet and my Black to the Green. I then wrapped it with electrical tape and then zip tied the connection. See 2 picture up for a shot of wires connected.

Step 5: Now I moved onto mounting my lights. This part takes some time and will be different for everyone but based on how many lights you have measure your side skirt length and figure out the spacing needed between each one and then figure out the best place to mount them and keep them in a straight line as you donʻt want your lights all staggered around. Once you map that all out drill out your holes and begin to mount your lights. This is how it should come out.

I also wrapped each connection with electrical tape just to ensure it stays safe. Also the wiring on these come pre-done so all you have to do is connect red wires to red and black to black down the chain.

Step 6: Now that those are all wired up I tested them to ensure all the connections were good.

Step 7: Now its time to run the wires down to these lights. I ran mine through the engine bay and down through the side panel. It was easy for me since I have no splash guards in my wheel wells but if yours are not removed you will have to remove them for this step.
Passenger side:

Driver Side:

Down by the side skirt:

Step 8: After you routed those wires connect them to your wires on your skirts and now work on your final connection. I soldered the positive and negative wires from both the passenger and driver side to the lines that we routed early come from inside the car. My connection was right behind my battery both and I used the wire loom that I already had my airlines in to run my wires in as well so it worked out great for me. After I soldered all that together I opened up my door to test my connections once again before I finished everything up.

Step 9: Once I made sure all the connections were good I went ahead and cleaned up all the wiring wrapping everything in electrical tape and tucking everything into wire looms to add some protection. Like I mentioned earlier for most of it I used the wire loom that was already housing my air lines side for you this will be different and you may want to route it other places but I would recommend using the wire loom for protection.

Step 10: Finally you are ready to snap your side skirts back on! Just line them up and begin snapping the clips back in. You should also add some adhesive tape to the rear are where you should have already had it just to ensure a better tighter fit. If you are wondering where that is look at the 5th picture and you can see the adhesive tape i placed it has the red covering on it still. Anyway once you pop your skirts back on open your doors and step back and take a look. Here is how they came out.

I am really happy with this mod and hopefully this write up helps a few others with there lighting ideas.

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Awesome. Thanks for the detailed write up. Definitely going to look into this.

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this is actually a brilliant idea. I wish my car had side skirts...
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