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Not sure if this will help anyone but I just installed a rearview dash cam that runs simultaneously with the front cam.
dash cam: Viofo a129 duo
if you want to hardwire it you need low profile fuse holder like this found mine in auto zone after Walmart and o Rileys didn't have the one I was looking for.
in my case, I used fuse #5 5 R.OUTLET3 15 A Accessory sockets check your owners manual
all pictures are below also don't be afraid to take off the weather stripping it just pulls off and pops back into place although at the rear of the hatch this is not necessary just push it in through the headliner. lastly, don't forget to use your rearview mirrors wire cover it just slides out so you can hide the rest of your wires going to the front cam. i circled it in red in one of the pictures


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