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How to improve the D4S stock headlights? (Lowered springs)

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Hi. I have the Eibach Prokit in my Mazda3 and since I installed it, i can't see nothing on the road LOL. I have to use the high beams of the headlights (D4S stock). I tried with the Morimoto (very poor power) and the Osram CBI (actually) but the same issue.

Anyone have idea how to improve the ilumination? LED convertion kit?

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There are a couple pages in the service manual that cover this. You need to re initialize the lights when changing ride height.

I tried to do this last night and was unsuccessful. Has anyone done this and gotten it to work?

Can you share some tips on what you used as a jumper wire to connect the two terminals of the OBD-II port?

I tried using a paper clip and some electrical tape, but that didn't work very well. I don't think I was able to make a good enough connection with the terminals this way.

For my next attempt I was going to take two short pieces of electrical wiring, expose the wiring at the tips, place one of the wires tip in the B terminal and one of the other wires tip into the J terminal, so that the wires are not touching each other, turn on the car (engine off) and then touch the two tips of exposed wires together for the .5 to 1.5 second intervals 3 times. Within 30 seconds of starting the car... Then hopefully that light will flash 3 times like it is supposed to.

If that doesn't work, I'm headed to the dealership so they can use the Mazda Diagnostic System tool to do it.

Also, do you still need to perform the headlight aiming step after doing this or will this take care of that?
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