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How to improve the D4S stock headlights? (Lowered springs)

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Hi. I have the Eibach Prokit in my Mazda3 and since I installed it, i can't see nothing on the road LOL. I have to use the high beams of the headlights (D4S stock). I tried with the Morimoto (very poor power) and the Osram CBI (actually) but the same issue.

Anyone have idea how to improve the ilumination? LED convertion kit?

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@Jet3 , Simply level your headlights manually and that should solve the problem :)
@arathol, Thanks for the information above! I must say that I'm a bit confused, I installed the Eibach's and the headlight auto leveling sensor is working just fine. The headlights adjust automatically according to the weight of the vehicle when I turn the ignition ON, so far when I drive at night nobody is flashing me from the opposite traffic.

On the thread below (Post #15 ) , you can see my new headlights height and cut off pattern:


I'm not an expert, but I think the height of the headlights is ok , do you think everything is in order? Or should I adjust the headlights in any case?

Thanks @arathol, I have my annual check up coming up soon. I'll just ask them to check the headlight height and if necessary to do a "professional" headlights adjustment with the equipment they have (for example, I think they use the Bosch Headlight Tester or similar equipment). You can't go wrong with that kind of equipment! Precise as a laser machine!
The dealer can also plug into the OBD port to do the self leveling re initializing to. :smile2:
Thanks for that tip too! I'll be sure to tell them to do that as well! :nerd:
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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