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How to improve the D4S stock headlights? (Lowered springs)

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Hi. I have the Eibach Prokit in my Mazda3 and since I installed it, i can't see nothing on the road LOL. I have to use the high beams of the headlights (D4S stock). I tried with the Morimoto (very poor power) and the Osram CBI (actually) but the same issue.

Anyone have idea how to improve the ilumination? LED convertion kit?

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@Jet3 , Simply level your headlights manually and that should solve the problem :)
That might not be an option if its got the auto-leveling HIDs. I found no way to adjust mine. I really want it just a little higher by a few degrees since it only shines about 100-150 ft out and that is just too short for the low beam.

I just installed the Morimoto fog and that helps quite a bit since it does not have the same cutoff. That little bit of extra light makes a difference.
Is auto-leveling HIDs :frown2:

What about this:

I tried to adjust manually with a screwdriver, but a few days after, the headlights back to "normal" :crying2:
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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