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How to disconnect the muffler?

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I want to see how my car would sound if I got a muffler delete and I know you can just disconnect the muffler. Are there any certain tools I need or is it just screws? And can I leave it disconnected for a day or two to see how I like it? Or is that unsafe having a pipe disconnected hanging off?
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Looking at the service manual, it looks like the muffler would stay put. However there is nothing holding up the exhaust pipe near the muffle so I imagine that would sag and possibly drag along the ground.

And they there would be the risk of damage going in reverse is the pipe is sagging.

Personally, I would not do it.
I see. I was thinking of hanging the pipe with wires by the flanges so that it wouldn't hang and drag so low, just enough to keep it up but having it disconnected.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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