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This is a short guide for cleaning the filter on your Simota or other washable intake filters. It is super easy and requires little effort but a decent amount of time due to drying the filter.

Parts/Tool List:
1. I purchased a K&N filter recharge kit, just didn't use the oil from it.
2. Associated tools to take intake off and filter out(May vary depending on what intake brand/type you have)


1. First off, start by unplugging your MAF from the housing

2. Next, I found it easier to take the support bracket off the car rather than take the intake off of the bracket. Takes about 10 min to turn the stupid bolt because it it in an awkward spot, at least the way I have it configured.

3. Undo the hose clamp at the MAF housing. I placed a clean microfiber towel in the hose while the assembly was off.

4. Begin disassembling the intake. There are four screws connecting the MAF housing to the filter and housing. Don't lose the gasket!

5. There are four screws connecting the filter to the housing. Remove these.

6. Once the filter is out of the housing, take the filter cleaner and spray both side and let sit. I followed the instructions provided in the kit. I sprayed the cleaner on heavily, pretty much coating both sides in the cleaner solution.

7. Let the filter sit for a couple minutes then begin to rinse it out from the clean side. In the case of the Simota, the filter is inverted in the housing so rinse from the outside.

8. You should see lots of dirt and grime come out. when rinsing. I had some bugs and a leaf:)shocked:) still half stuck so I tapped the filter against my hand with force but not enough to bend or crease the filter and solid debris fell out. Resprayed and rewashed again. Look at all of the dirt in the filter!

9. Once you are satisfied with the cleanliness, set it outside in the sun to dry in a place where little debris can interact with the filter. Don't blow dry it!!!! I let mine dry for about 2 hours in the sun on a warm day while I did other tasks.

10. Once dry, reinstall the filter in the housing, reconstruct the intake, and reattach to car. Don't forget to plug in your MAF last before turning on your car. Edit: didnt' realize how old this pic was. HID ballasts are now hidden, lol............:blush 1:

I noticed a difference upon start up since there was alot of crap that somehow managed to get in there. Enjoy! I plan on doing this at every 10k interval just because I can and it doesn't hurt your car to clean the filter :tongue: . You can apply these steps to the breather filter as well. Just spray both sides and rinse form the inside out. I didn't this time but plan to when I do it next over my Thanksgiving break.
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