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Billy May's here!! So I know the holiday shopping is coming up around the corner and figure this is a great way to save money on cleaning dry-flow filters. K&N air filter cleaning solution costs around $15.......mine was $5.

I went to Walmart and just bought ox-clean and a spray bottle. Now I have seen people use club soda which seems to work very well too but I just opt to use just water.


First take off the filter and shake it off! (taylor swift) all the loose sand/dirt.


OxiClean calls for 2-4 scoops per gallon of water, depending on how dirty your filter is. I just used 3 scoops of oxiclean and 1 gallon of water and I poured it into my spray bottle and begin spraying away.


Keep spraying away all around the filter til the water that runs off is nice and clean. Then I dunked it into the bucket of the ox-clean mix and let it sit for 10mins. I rinse it off with water and shake off the excess water and let it dry. << Important to do that, don't use a air compressor. If you want a faster drying time, put the filter in front of a table fan on low. Just turn the filter around every 15mins to dry all parts of it.

Here it is all clean!


Now I did noticed, this will dry up your skin like no other so that means it dries up the rubber parts of it too so I put a little dab of silicone paste all around rubber parts. I'm guessing you can probably lube it up with some cooking oil. This step isn't really that necessary.

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