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How much is too much to pay for services at your dealership?

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I recently got my 2017 Mazda 3 GS serviced at Buds Mazda Oakville Canada. I was charged $280 for the labor (receipt attached) alone while parts was just $55.

I can see that all this labor cost was for engine oil change and the rest was mostly just inspection for the 72k service. I even declined tire rotation since I had recently installed winter tires on my own.

My car is not under warrany anymore and I feel like dealerships charge an exorbitant price for these regular maintenances. Am I paying too much and should I move off the dealership for servicing? What do I risk with leaving the dealership?

Also, for Candian folks out there, any recommendations for a good place to service my Mazda 3 in the Halton / Hamilton region?
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Up until warranty expires.. do as much DIY as possible and only take it in for serious issues or warranty repairs.

After warranty expires.. dealership are just a place to get parts from (when it's easier to pickup versus order online).
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yeah I was wondering what the $15 "brake kit" was - so they sprayed copper lube (COPPER SPR) on the slide pins and then the kit includes brake clean (BRAKE CLEA) to clean up the overspray?
This is the kit. The OEM Mazda front brake pad shim, anti vibration plate, retainer clips, and a packet of grease. This is for a 2018 Mex 3.

I work a a dealership in MN and I think our labor rate is high, but is very low considering what they are in the cities. Especially when talking about euro or luxury brands

With Porsche tho it’s kinda under the category of “when you own a race car you have to maintain it like a race car.”
Hourly labor rate in the Los Angeles area is $150. They are kind of swamped doing all of the low pressure fuel pump recalls.. so, wouldn't be surprised if they jack it up.
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