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hopefully i didnt hurt anything...

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if this is in the wrong place let me know - but just wanted to throw out a quick question

to preface - im retarded...

driving home on the highway today, little tired a bit hungover...

was NOT paying attention, and went to pass, was going to put it into fourth (was going maybe 65mph?)

accidentally put the car in 2nd...

caught what i was doing, but not until the engine raced all the way just past red-line - put the clutch in - cursed myself, put it back into 6th, and drove the rest of the way home - no noises or weird rattles or anything - car seemed totally fine

i dont think when it happened i let the clutch all the way out - maybe 50% - so i dont think anything was ever fully engaged - but i was only like half paying attention, which is why it happened in the first place

any ideas? do you guys thing anything was damaged? anything i should look for?

car seems fine - i cant believe i did that... any input would be appreciated, thanks
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apparently its called a misshift...

ive been paranoid all night, so went back out to drive the car around and listen

sounds fine except - when in second or third gear, right at 2000 rpms or so, if i ever so slightly press on the accelerator, i hear a very subtle "creaking" noise - almost sounds like a creeky door hinge...

its very sublet, but only happens when im in gear and actually driving, its either not happening if im in neutral/not moving, or i cant hear it, and just to be sure it wasnt the gas pedal creeking, i turned the car off and moved the pedal around, and its totally silent

the noise happens just for a second, when i first put a little bit of pressure on the pedal, but then goes away (which is why i thought it might be the pedal itself)

and im not sure if this is a noise thats always been there, and i just noticed it now because im really listening, or if its related to this, or if maybe it has to do with the TMIC i just installed (ETS)

i would think, like you said, if something WERE damaged, it would be pretty obvious - and aside from that very quiet little noise, everything sounds/feels just fine

and the mis-shift wasnt extreme - 65 in 2nd is bad, but its not like i was going super fast, i think 2nd's top speed is just under 60 anyway - i think it took me less than half a second to react to all of this

something i should investigate further? any specifics to look out for?
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by the way, how much would a compression test cost?

ive been reading about it on and off all morning, looks i might be interested in both a compression test and a leak down test?

is there any way to pulg into the OBDII sensor and see how high my RPMs actually got?

ugh this is going to drive me nuts until i have some sort of firm answer... my dealership called and left me a message, i guess im overdue for maitnence, shoud i just put the stock stuff back on the car and ask them to do it? or would they still charge me/be suspicious?
i was under the impression the revers is true

that the rev-limiter would stop the engine from spinning up too fast, but when its the trans forcing the engine to over rev, you have a problem...
just put in a call to a local mechanic whose does side jobs, friends have used him for years and tust him, and he lives almost down the street from me

anyway - he said essentially the same thing - that his first inclination would be to test out shifting through all the gears, and if those feel/sound ok then take a good listen to the engine - and only if something sounds off then he would recommend a compression test or further investigation

basically - if something were damaged, id probably be able to tell is what he said...

im going to meet up with him on tuesday evening and drive around a bit, just for the hell of it, but he didnt think anything was wrong based off what i told him - ill have him listen to that creaking i mentioned though - but the more i think about it the more i think its just the chasis or suspension creaking or something else

anyway- thanks for the input, if something unusual comes up ill post back - keeping fingers crossed nothing is wrong


so, mechanic basically thought it was ridiculous that i even thought something was wrong - we each drove the car around - he said in that kind of scenario he would be worried about the synchros in second first - THEN the engine/valves - i guess, in his opinion, valve damage isnt something you dont notice, and the transmission is fine

he also told me - that new engines such as this, are engineered and manufactured so well, they can take quite a bit of abuse - but not to do it again... he said hes seen engines with damage from the exact same thing - but usually because people that didnt react at all, or slowly, and engine speeds broke 10K rpms - THEN something broke

the creaking noise was definitely just the intake making a little swish noise on throttle changes

finally, on a side note - he was generally impressed with the car, told me a couple of times he really like it - nice compliment coming from a chevy guy/mechanic who had chevelle SS in his garage

morale of this mostly pointless thread is - pay attention to your shifts...
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