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hopefully i didnt hurt anything...

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if this is in the wrong place let me know - but just wanted to throw out a quick question

to preface - im retarded...

driving home on the highway today, little tired a bit hungover...

was NOT paying attention, and went to pass, was going to put it into fourth (was going maybe 65mph?)

accidentally put the car in 2nd...

caught what i was doing, but not until the engine raced all the way just past red-line - put the clutch in - cursed myself, put it back into 6th, and drove the rest of the way home - no noises or weird rattles or anything - car seemed totally fine

i dont think when it happened i let the clutch all the way out - maybe 50% - so i dont think anything was ever fully engaged - but i was only like half paying attention, which is why it happened in the first place

any ideas? do you guys thing anything was damaged? anything i should look for?

car seems fine - i cant believe i did that... any input would be appreciated, thanks
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You'd know immediately if you broke something. But to be sure to make sure you didn't damage anything you could always get a compression test done.
Compression test should be no more than 100$, last time I remember hearing of someone doing it, it was ~75. But I mean you can get the tool for 10$ and do it yourself, if you want to. But if it drives right I wouldn't worry about it.

And downshifting and revving high is how you blow your motor. Accelerating and bouncing off the limiter isn't that bad (not that good either).
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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