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This isn't intended to be a complete thread since it's covered at length in other posts - just a couple extra things that I found along the way.

My 2018 hatchback GT came with the basic mirror, and I really wanted Homelink.

I picked up a clean used Gentex 453 mirror from eBay for $35 (the one without the compass, 'cause the compass is ugly). However, between the the tech stuff on the windshield and the fat overhead console, the standard stubby mounting stem isn't long enough. The mirror won't physically fit. To remedy this, I got the Brandmotion 5000-SPCR spacer from Amazon. Mito also makes one but it's $90 instead of $55. Either way, pretty pricey for just a hunk of machined aluminum.

Without the spacer:

Here's the spacer:

Old mirror next to new mirror and spacer:

With the spacer:

For the rest of the installation, I strongly considered finding both a constant 12V and switched 12V up in the overhead console, but ultimately decided to follow the official Mazda install instructions to do it at the base of the A-pillar. Note, I was able to carefully remove the A-pillar tether clip and re-use it.
https://ecatalog.trademotion.com/co...rameless Mirror Installation Instructions.pdf

And some great info from GirchyCirchy here, HOWEVER it seems that not all kits come with that in-line wiring harness adapter that he used; I had to use the crimp taps as per the manual above.

HOWEVER, I screwed it up. After the install, my Smart City Brake Support system didn't work. I checked all my plugs and use a multimeter to test, and it took me way longer than it should have to diagnose.

Here's my install with the Electro-Tap wire connectors.

Here's where I managed to cut the ground wire with the Electro-Tap. Cheez and crackers, what have I done. Can I swear on this forum? I can swear inside my garage, lemme tell you. There is NO slack or excess in that wiring, to be able to fix it.

Ok, but I've been doing a fair amount of electronic stuff for my other hobbies lately, so I cut a jumper from a length of spare wire, soldered it into place along with the ground wire to the mirror. It's way uglier than what I wanted, but should be electrically sound. Also shown is my heat-shrink wrapper which was put into place on the jumper wire, before soldering.

Finished soldering, heat-shrink finished up, excess jumper wire stowed, ready to put the pillar trim back in place.

Would I do it again? Yeah, probably. However, I'd probably skip the electro-taps entirely, and solder a 3-prong wiring harness onto the wires before the existing harness. Or maybe after the harness for easier access, I dunno.

I'm likely getting a dash cam, and will need to make some modifications again to accommodate that. Might revisit it at that time.
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