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HI! Quick Member with a Quick Question...

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Hey to all,
I became a member strictly for an opinion question. I am personally not a Mazda of any sorts owner, i was part of acura integra forums for the better part of 10 years but i am trying to see what i can get for a friends car he needs to get rid of. I'm not sure how many people this will reach in this spot of the forums so if i am out of line someone please direct me to the right place to post this. He has a 2007 MazdaSpeed 3 2.3L turbo, 136K on it,silver, bought it in march and about a month ago it decided to magically eliminate 3 qts of oil and spin a bearing, 3 weeks after an oil change, given the price of these engines (even my cost, im a 10 year mechanic) and what he still owed on the car the dealership was not giving him very many options so he bought it outright and got a different car, so now we are stuck with this speed3 with a bad engine. overall the car is in great shape (for wisconsin) very minimal rust, new front brakes, interior spotless. Just would need new tires (before winter, wisconsin). Overall the car is stock. so im just looking for opinions of what some Mazda enthusiasts would be willing to pay for this. Thank you in advance!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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