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Hi there,

I recently posted my first issue, so I thought let's introduce.

I am MikeCX5. A Dutch guy, 39 years old (today).
I work as a systems engineer.
This job gave me the opportunity to get my own company car.
I didn't need to look very long, so I told our HR department almost 1,5 year ago what car I wanted.
I needed to wait until september 2016. It was harder than waiting for my wife to give birth to my kids, believe me:grin2:
Now I have a 2016 CX-5 Skylease+ in Titanium flash..
Right now it's in winterstate.. standard wheels e.d.
My summerwheels are 17" (because it's a company car) RCDesign RC27 in black polished. ET38, so it sticks more to the outside, but within fabric marges.

Further mods already done,
Auto folding mirrors
The AIO update, but without AA, castscreen and videoplayer (scared to do AA and videoplayer and castscreen don't work)

Reverse camera (already ordered)
2xRaspberryPi carputers in the back for the kids..
What else comes in mind

Too bad every mod needs to be reversible though..

I'll post pictures soon..

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