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whats up, kinda new to the mazda game. really need help hacking/tweaking my 2016 mazda 6 infotainment. tried everything possible and for some reason i plug my usb drive into the car and nothing happens. i figured out how to format the usb. but i think i may be doing something wrong with the coding or copying the files to drive maybe?

i have a newer MacBook updated to the latest version, not sure if that could be a problem. i seen that macs could be tricky when doing this.

OS Version is 55.00.753 NA N
Music Database Version is 00.05.000
Fail-Safe Version is 55.00.753

thats exactly how the about screen looks ^

if someone could please help me out a bit it would be highly appreciated. or even direct me somewhere. a quick step by step would also be great

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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