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Hi guys!
So I'm trying to put hacked navi on my 2014 Mazda 3. I'm doing everything by the guidelines from this site.
First step is to put "wifi enable script" on FAT32 USB stick, put it in the car, turn it on. After 30-60sec, CMU wifi network will appear.
My problem is that everything works, and after 45sec you can see CMU network(IP, but it is always showing and hiding, thus I can't connect my laptop with a car and put putty. OS version is 56.00.513.
I did mute+nav+back reset few times, but always the same problem.
Any advices? And if you suspect that something is wrong with wifi adapter, can you advice me how to make wired connection.
p.s. sorry if this/similar post already exist, I didn't found it!

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