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Hello guys, I have searched endlessly on Mazda3Rev forum threads and some few other sites searching for older firmwares but unfortunately almost all download links for firmwares older than V59 are broken or lost..understandably so.
Am looking to install AIO Tweaks via USB without the mad hustle of using Serial Connection required on newer firmwares.
I will greatly appreciate anyone with a working link to ANY of the following English Firmwares on their google drive/mega or elsewhere.
  • 55.00.650A/753A/760A / 56.00.521A-NA(NA N)
  • 56.00.100A/230A/240B/511A/512A/513C/514A-ADR(4A N)
  • 56.00.100A/210A/230A/511A/512A/513A/513B/513C-EU
  • 58.00.250A-NA(NA N) / 58.00.251A-ADR(4A N)
  • 59.00.326A/330A/342A/442A/443C/449A/450A-ADR(4A N)
  • 59.00.330A/441A/443A/446A/450A-NA(N NA)
  • 59.00.330A/331A/443C/447A/449A-EU

Am willing to buy coffee for anyone with working download link. Just drop your Paypal email😇😅
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