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2010 Mazda 3 MPS
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Hey team.

I currently have a New Zealand New (not a domestically imported 3) 2010 MPS.
My car came with the bose sound system with cruse control, but doesn’t have Bluetooth.

I am wanting to keep the car as factory as possible so I’m looking to retrofit in the Bluetooth unit, controls and mic.

I have done some searching in this forum and it looks like it is possible to do. I have a few questions on that.

1. Do I need to do any recabling, or should the current cabling be enough?

2. Because I have cruise control, so i need to find a replacement steering wheel with cruise control to harvest the bluetooth button controls?

3. I read a few posts saying that some of the earlier models don’t support song text (im not even sure where that would display), if this is the case, would i need to source a head unit from a newer model?

4. Does the parts need to come from another MPS to work correctly or will any BL be ok to use?

I think that is the main questions I have for now.

I do really love this car and having the Bluetooth integrated rather than using an aux dongle will just make it that much more awesome to me.

thanks all
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