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I hope everyone is doing well. My little sister has been having issues with her 2011 Mazda 3 Hatchback. Where her car would have trouble starting; no crank. This is an intermittent issue where if she waited several hours it would start up again. However, this intermittent issue became permanent in March 2019.

Quick Timeline:

July 2017 – Purchased in San Francisco Bay Area
September 2017 – Sister moved to San Diego and issues started. Brought to a Mechanic A where they stated it was starter. Mechanic A replaced the starter however the issue continued. Brought the car to Mechanic B where they stated that the car was having communication issues with the cluster. The car’s cluster was replaced, and the keys were reprogramed. It was also noted by Mechanic B that only the Mazda dealer can reprogram the keys. After a few weeks her car was up and running without issue.
October 2018 – The intermittent starting issues came back after ~ a year. Issues continued through March 2019
November 2018 – Check engine light came on. Went to Autozone to check the code. It gave the code: U0100 which described the issue as the ignition on or with the engineering running the PCM detected a serial communications error. Check engine light went away on its own after a few days.
December 2018 – Car had trouble starting; Cranked. Replaced with a new battery. Car started again.
February 2019 – Discovered there was crack in one of her rims. This rim seemed to be repaired by the previous owner with JB-Weld. A use OEM rim was ordered and replaced on the Mazda 3.
March 2019 – Sister came out of class and her car did not start. Waited over 5 hours and it still did not start. She decided to have it towed to her apartment.
April 2019 – Search on the forums and it was noted that replacing the #20 and #21 40 Amp Fuses were reported to solve the issue. Changed the fuses but the issues continued.

To this day, the car does not start. No crank but all the lights and welcome message are functional.

I’m trying to help my sister find a solution so that she can have a reliable source of transportation to school.

We tried reaching out to a locksmith, several mechanics and the dealer but unfortunately, they did not find a solution.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Note: Red flashing lock and car icon on the cluster (Anti-theft) continues when she tries to start the car

1. Immobilizer Issue
2. Faulty Key Fob
3. Temperature-Related

Summary of work done:
1. Replacement Starter (September 2017)
2. Reprogrammed Keys, replaced cluster (September 2017)
3. Replaced Battery (December 2018)
4. Discovered one of the rims were cracked and leaked. Replaced wheel and sensor (February 2019)
5. Towed to apartment as car did not start (March 2019)
6. Replaced #20 and #21 40amp fuses (April 2019)
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