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First post, tho I've been lurking for a little bit. I'm new to the 3, but by no means new to the brand, as I've owned several RX-7s in the past. I've had my '15 iTouring/tech package 5-door 6-speed for a couple of weeks now, and so far I'm liking it.

I've just done the AIO-tweaks/Android Auto plunge. Happy to say, it did not freeze or fry my infotainment system, and I'm happy with the results, tho I wish it could all just work over bluetooth, and not have to plug in to usb every time... One question tho. How do you get it to go to one of the nav apps by simply pressing the nav command button? Doing so still brings up the silly compass.

Has anyone experienced a nasty bass rattle coming from one of the Bose door speakers? What should I expect trying to fix this?

What exactly does the dealer do for the open recall on the handbrake? Mine definitely needs adjustment, as it goes thru its whole travel and still doesn't hold the car well. Will that be addressed as part of the recall, or should i expect to get nicked?

Also...gotta do something about that limpwristed horn! Holy s#%t that thing sucks!


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