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Hello and nice greetings to the Community from beautiful Upper Austria ;)

I'm an happy Mazda 3 skyactive owner and I like this car.
This is now my second Mazda and by far this is the best car i have ever had ;)

I bought this beautiful car from the Mazda dealer of my trust.
Of course, I decided to buy the full equipment.

But with one exception, the Mazda Navigation System.
600 Euro only for one SD card? seriously?
Hardware has already been completely installed in the Car.

I would like to solve this circumstance differently and with the help of the community.
However, I'm not just the born IT genius;)
And my English is limited to high school level ;)

Maybe the community can help me. The best way to do this is by private message, in order not to violate legal issues here.
I found some infos out there ... but, dead links to neccessary tools, missing permission to important forum entries, instructions which are not clear for me ;)

Thank you for potential Feedback and Help :)

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Welcome blackdevil019. Had the privilege in 2008 of driving our new 335xi from northern Italy over the Stelvio Passé and through a fair amount of northern Austria. You are so correct, absolutely gorgeous!!!

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Welcome!! My father is from Austria and i've been to his home city Steyr quite a few times, along with visiting Vienna, Grossglockner, etc - mostly in my youth so it's a little fuzzy...ich spreche nicht gut deutsch. Your english is good- agree these cars are great!
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