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Hello from Sacramento California!!!

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I recently got my first mazda car, a 2016 pearl white base model mazda 3 hatchback, and I'm loving it.
I'm planning to customizing the car a little bit.
I'm currently waiting for my window visors to arrive in the mail.

Some changes I'd like to make/add:
-replace chrome accents with blacked out ones,
-add some roof rack system
-paint the front emblem black, and the back emblem white
-remove the sky active badge, 50/50 on the "mazda 3 badge"
-paint/replace the white handles with black ones
-get some seat covers
-i'm 50/50 about adding mudflaps
-I saw a member's photo of their white mazda3 with a blacked out roof,
and as an owner of a scion tc with sorta black panoramic roof, I'm digging the look. maybe use a vynil wrap?
-cold air intake
-Front strut tower bar
-axle back exhaust
-lowering springs to make it just a tad bit lower
-new set to rims

Any thoughts/advice on my plans?
Are there any taboos regarding cosmetic changes?
I don't regard myself as a ricer, but I do enjoy a nice looking car. If some of the upgrades i'm planning adding seem over the top, please do tell :)) I appreciate any input.
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@Rdrokit Thanks for the reply
The cold air intake and exhaust are far down the list of priority changes. I know they might not add that much but every little boost in hp helps :). I'm not really super ecstatic about the base model's hp/speed/acceleration, but it's all I could afford lol. I do love how it looks though, and I'm more of a cosmetic upgrade kind of person. The intake and exhaust are just to back up the cosmetics.

"A new set of wheels will do wonders to the appearance"
I agree, the wheels look kinda bulgy/bloated to me hahah
I'm planning on getting a new set of wheels soon. I just feel kinda sad that the current wheels are so new. I'll probably let them ride for 6-8 months before getting a new set.
Since my car's of white color, I'm thinking on getting either black, dark grey, or dark brown rims for it.

@GerryB thank you sir!
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