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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and to the Mazda world!
I come from the Audi world but I've always had an interest in Mazdas.

I'm currently looking at a 2014 Mazda3 Hatchback s Grand Touring...
34k miles, $19k at CarMax

Looks like a good deal to me, and the car seems really great... or it might be the over-excitement that wants me to just get it! lol
I'm waiting for it to get transferred from another CarMax a few hours from here, but in the meantime...

I have a few questions and maybe someone can refer me to other threads:
1. Are there any known issues I should know about or ask about at CarMax before buying the car?

2. I've heard about the appearance package. Is it worth looking into it? Or maybe just a front lip kit?

Thanks! I look forward to buying my dream car and being a part of this family.

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I love the Appearance Package, some do not. The front splitter will reduce your ground clearance from 6.1" to 5.1" inches so that might work, or might be an issue for you. If you choose to get it, ask your parts person for him to give you 25% off on either its individual pieces or the whole package if you are getting that. There is really nice profit margin in those parts, so some parts departments are willing to do that.

I am getting a bunch of parts (over $3K including the Appearance Package and wheels), and have been offered 30% off on a few items, at least 25% from the dealer where I am buying it from. Never hurts to ask, and if you do not get the discounts you want, try another dealer,

OR, go aftermarket trying specialty aftermarket site or eBay.

Best of luck.
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