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Hi to all

I own a Mazda 3 from 2 days and this is my first post. And i can't figure how to modify the way may headlights work when i put them in auto position. My car is equipped with factory HID headlights. I saw that they are working on 3 stages. 1 stage - no lights work. 2 stage - the parking light work. 3 stage - and the HID work. Yesterday when i took the car to go to work in the morning all light work. When i reached close my office i saw that only my parking lights were on and the HID light was off. In the evening the HID worked normal. Today i took the car again out during the day and i know that the HID light mustn't work. But the parking light weren't working too. I switched the position on the lever from auto to parking light and they were working. Returned the lever to auto again and the parking lights stopped working. Is there some how to make the parking light work all the time when the car is working and the lever position is on auto, parking light or all light?

I am inserting an image where you can see how i want my headlight to work during the day like a DRL

Is there someway to reprogram the computer of the car to turn on the parking light when i start the car?


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