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Hi guys, wonder if anyone can help or point me in the right direction please :)

Apologies if this is the wrong subforum for this, wasn't sure what headlight washer/pumps fell under! Also, I downloaded the How To guide but couldn't find anything on this.

Anyway some kind soul hit my car and disappeared, leaving a few scrapes and the cover of the headlight washer pump on the ground (if that's what it's even called!)

The washer is still working but I can't seem to get the cover back on - it seems maybe there's a part that's been knocked off?

Here's the jet as it's working at the moment (as a wonderful cyclist-greeting mechanism..... just kidding)

Here's the front view and cap - doesn't seem to be anything broken

I did a little searching on eBay and this seems to be the mechanism.

Just wondering if I buy this part, will I be able to get the cover back on? Note I have no experience at all with this kind of thing, I'm just wondering if I can fix it given that none of the parts seem to be broken!

Thanks a lot!
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