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For a lack of being able to really find an answer anywhere else I figured I would just ask.

Has anyone had an experience with the clarity of their headlights (without the influence of mods)? That is the exterior of the headlight housing. While it appears that there is really not any discoloration from UV or hazing from the interior (minus the some fogging last winter my dealer 'couldn't prove'), there are however plenty of small impact marks on the front of the housing. If I were to take my nails to the surface and run them across, there are many clicks from the less than smooth surface. Light output is still great, however the marks are noticeable.

To that end, I was wondering if anyone has tried to clear up such marks on their units and perhaps materials and results. I know there are methods such as wet-sanding and resealing but I would love not to do that to such a new unit. The struggle is taking action to the headlight or leaving it be and accepting it.

Just looking for experiences, thanks all :smile2:
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