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Not sure if this is electrical or suspension related since it's kinda both...

We got a 2010 Speed3 where the Headlight Auto Level sensor (front driver's wheel) wrecked sometime this winter. The sensor (BBP3-51-21Y) somehow got bent up and busted off from where its mounted on the forward subframe. As I try and find another one in salvage, where does this sensor plug into the car as the wiring got all screwed up as well? I've read the car-side connector is somewhere near the charcoal canister, but have yet to find it.

In parallel, I'm trying to figure out just how I'm going to mount a replacement sensor if the mount is 'gone'. The subframe looks to be very problematic to weld another mount on it. Any thoughts appreciated.

Does anyone have any experience with this sensor or have any pictures what this looks like in-place?. It appears to be a royal PITA to replace to just to level the headlights - I might just try and figure out how to disable the AFS light.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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