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Dude thought he was tough, had to put him in his place. I'm not too sure about Stang models but this was most definitely not a 5.0.


On my way to our weekly meet, came across him. I didn't know how I'd stand against him, and I was quite surprised of the outcome. Hung with him through almost all of 4th gear. I need to practice brake boosting more so I can use that to my advantage.

Video is in 1080p - make sure to change your settings to get best view
MS3 vs Camaro SS - YouTube

I've been running against the same MS6 since I started tuning with Freek. I ran him on my OTS+ tune, on my 93 tune and so far on Map A, B and now C of me E85 tune.

We both have most of the same bolt ons, but MS6 does have a 3.5" intake vs my JBR PowerPath, I am still stock TMIC vs he has ETS, and he has dump tube vs me having stock DP.
If I get another map revision from Freek, we'll definitely need to run again.

All footage is in 1080p but of course youtube defaults player to 380/460p - make sure to select quality
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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