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Happy to be here / question about a question :-)

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Hi everyone! I'm new to my Mazda 3 (2016) and very happy to be here. This looks like an amazing board!

I have a question I'd like to ask, but I'm not sure what the appropriate forum is. I'm currently living in the Bay area, California, but am moving back to Canada in the fall because of my parent's failing health. It happened unexpectedly, and now I have to decide what to do with my nearly-new Mazda 3.

I would like to take it with me to Canada and have done a bit of research into what that would take. It looks like the two big things are to change the odometer to kilometres (from US miles) and to ensure the running lights are permanently on during the daytime (per Canadian safety standards). I suspect both of these are software changes vs. hardware.

Where would be the right place to look for help on how to make these changes? Or to find a shop that specializes in this kind of thing who could help me?

Thanks much and pleased to meet you all,
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Yay! This is fantastic news. I'll take a look right now.

Thanks so much!
Thank you very much. I checked the running lights and they are on while the car is in motion (with all light switches set to off) so I won't change anything now, but if there is a problem during the inspection, I'll know what to do!

Best regards,
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