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I picked up a set of these mounted on 16" wheels for Winter use and swapped out my 18" stock wheels and tires.

These tires were used for two seasons in Montana, but have some tread wear and the studs are still in good shape.

I'm really impressed by how these perform and feel like I can go just about anywhere that clearance allows. The other night it was 6º F and I had to go up a long steep driveway that was snow covered. I got up a bit of steam and made it up no problem.

Sadly the road noise isn't that much worse than the stock 18" set up, which makes me really hate those tires, so it looks like I'll have to drop some more cash soon.

On another note I went on a week long camping trip through the SW and the car was awesome and did just fine on dirt and gravel roads.

I'd been thinking about getting my truck back, but now I'm thinking that with a little more aggressive all season tire, this will take me most places I want to go.
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