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Hi Everyone,

I've been thinking of removing the head unit to set up a reverse cam on the stock TomTom Nav Head unit on my 2013 iGT hatchback. One thing I've been wondering is if anyone has tried and/or successfully hacked the head unit. My goal is to change the startup screen on the display when you turn the car on.

I've tried looking on the TomTom SDCard, and that image is nowhere to be found on the memory card, so I'm assuming there must be other memory either inside the head unit, or perhaps ANOTHER SDcard somewhere in the back of the head unit that it boots off of every time the car is started. On the TomTom SDcard, there is an image titled "splash" with the Mazda logo, but its a totally different image than what you see when starting up the car.

Any help or experience would be greatly appreciated!!!
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