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Good day folks! I'm Odi from the SW Burbs of Chicago, I have just purchased a 2015 S Touring Sedan in Liquid Silver with 38k miles :) I was hoping for a hatch but the time and price was right.

I used to be very active on Pontiac GrandPrixForums.net (now moved to GrandPrixForums.com) and attended meetings with guys from Wbody.com as I own a 2-door 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, but after 208k miles I had to retire my faithful companion and it will soon be parted out and junked.

Here's a really crappy picture of the new Mazda3 (weather's been awful and I haven't had the time to take some scenic pics)

And here is how my ol GP (sometimes known as weaksauce) looked like in its prime:

On top of that I've been riding motorcycles for the last 3 years and am a happy owner of a 2001 Suzuki GS500, which was to be replaced this year, but the car took priority :)

As you can see I love all things that look faster than they are.

I've lurked here for a few weeks reading up on posts and how-to's (shame some are still without pics caused by the Photobucket hotlink doom) and I am very happy to join this community!
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