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Going from stock 18s to 16s - going lightweight

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Philosophy behind the choices is strong and lightweight. I am looking for improved performance and comfort with the change. Looks come in last but i do like the look of bigger sidewalls and the oz wheels. I have a white m3 s-touring model for reference.


OZ Ultraleggara black 16x7 45mm offset - 14.7 lbs which isnt the lightest on tirerack but close. From what i know OZ makes some pretty high quality / strong wheels, the Kosei is lighter but the offset tucks it in more and i have read a few stories about them cracking under normal use. The RPF1s im not a fan of the look/ color available.

Was thinking of matching them to a set of 215/55r16 conti dws tires - they are 21 lbs and i think i would like to keep the same tirewidth. 205/60s dont seem to have as great of tire choices. They are slightly smaller diameter - 1.2% shorter gearing with the change, 69.2 mph actual at 70 indicated - doesnt seem bad to me. Looks like they will fit fine, not sure if scrub will be affected.

Was also thinking of picking up the Koni FSDs at the same time, or maybe slightly after to improve comfort a bit more - wasnt thinking about changing springs at all though, stock ride height is fine by me. Not sure if there is a spring setup more comfort focused - stock seems like it might be the way to go.

Feel free to leave a comment- im interested to hear thoughts or maybe other combinations i haven't thought of, i really have only been browsing tire rack because its easy and they will mount/balance for free and ship to me quickly.

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The traklite gear 17x7.5 45mm wheels seem pretty nice - 200 with free shipping on ebay is nice and 15.5lbs - not a fan of the other styles for them.

im looking through the other brands now

Is there a reason you recommend a wider wheel than stock and a narrower tire? Im still learning this stuff but that doesnt seem like a logical choice. Unless its just to open up good options to choose from?
Im definitely a fan of how the traklites look - may need to go that route instead. Good info on the smaller tires - i was reading a bit about how tire rack measures treadwidth and i see a fair amount of variation in same width tires. I have read that performance tires get a bit out of hand with the extra width to get around tire regs at race events etc - thats not really my cup of tea tho.

I like the precise and sportier handling of the mazda but im not really pushing the car all that hard, if i can retain or enhance that slightly while gaining more comfort that i would say is my ultimate goal. The idea of lightweight and efficient appeals to me to aesthetically, if that even make sense because im not super concerned about the best looking wheel.

I sometimes think i would be happier in a Buick- i think im a bit more of a quiet comfort kinda guy. I still love my Mazda tho so.. =[]

I will look up the Michelin and BFG A/S tires for sure.
Why'd you want go to lighter?
Less mass to spin up and slow down, less for the suspension to deal with also.

I know it will help keep my tires on the road and make potholes and expansion joints less jarring. The downsizing was to get bigger / softer sidewalls with the idea of smoothing the ride further.

SE Wisconsin here and our roads get fairly gnarly in winter times with frost heaves and tore up asphalt.

I'm a bit curious how much difference it will make in the comfort aspect.

Going 17s still gives a fair amount more sidewall but looks to be a better performance setup.

I wonder by how much over 16s. I think weight diff is like 1-3 lbs
I cant recall what the stock 16 alloy setup weighs, i think the steelies are like 24 lbs or something tho, i can definately see 18s coming in under both

what 18s are you looking at?
Just for future reference, the 18" OEM rim/tire weighs in at just over 50 lbs. The steelies w/tire is ~44 lbs, the 16" alloys are ~40 lbs w/tire. OEM Mazda 6 19" rim w/tire is something like 53 lbs.:surprise:

18" rims are not lighter than 16" rims, not by a long shot. You can get 18" rims that weigh in at about 17 lbs but they are near $400 a wheel and up for good ones. Lighter rims are available at ridiculous cost, in the thousands.
my point was its certainly possible to drop weight from the stock 16s with aftermarket 18s - there are plenty of sub 20lb options that are less than 250, even less than 200.

i understand that bigger is generally not lighter than smaller sizes -_-
placed an order for the traklite gear 17x7.5s in gunmetal last night - get a call today after work that their inventory was messed up, items were actually other colors and gunmetal is discontinued from traklite in this size now so not possible anymore

i was offered black instead - it was my 2nd choice and a close one so i said yes- they were going to throw in rings for free now as accommodation.

2 hours later - sorry, we dont have black - can you take silver?

Much appreciated Arathol - i did like those alot, and they were on sale!

Ended up going with a wider tire now that im getting a 8" wheel.

This is what i now have on order:

Konig "Hypergram" 17x8 Matte Grey for MX5, 17x8 (konig hypergram 17x8 45mm 16.3 lbs)
https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tire...5WR7FHI5&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes (225/50r17 - 24 lbs)
2100-4166 - Koni FSD - Shock Kit - Import Replacement Parts (koni FSD - will install in my brothers garage, should be first time using a spring compressor, only ever replaced the entire shock/strut assembly all at once)

Pics incoming - traveling a crapton for work in the next few weeks, hopefully i get these soon and have time to install
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