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hey guys what up? I'm Josh, first let me introduce my car and what I'm selling...

That's my car^ :D 2011 2.5L Mazda 3 with full 91 oct tune, Takeda CAI, and corksport Catback & weight reduction.

Now here's what I'm trading/selling...


I'm interested in trading for $100 obo AND YOUR STOCK 2.5L MZ3 CALIFORNIA EXHAUST for my 2.5L MZ3 Corksport Catback Exhaust with an added Racepipe!

In located in the Orange County area, but am willing to drive to meet people if they're interested.

I had this setup as well as a true Takeda cold air intake and a 91 octane Orange Virus tune and was really throwing me back into my seat, great stuff!

Couple hours and this awesome sounding exhaust is all yours!

For me it's time to go back to stock, so I'm selling.

If you have any questions let me know!

I have pictured #1 exhaust from the bumper, #2 muffler are piping, and #3 race pipe.

Please TEXT JOSH @ 714-475-8555 or email me [email protected]


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