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Looking to sell my Euro Eibach Lowering Springs. These are not the prokit you can easily get in the US. These were purchased from a Mazda dealer in the UK. These look great with the stock 18’s, however I have Mazda6 stock 19’s and they just rubbed too much. I replaced them with Racing beat springs and the rubbing is 99% gone for comparison. These are a progressive spring.

Purchased 06-09-16, Installed 09-06-16 and Uninstalled 04-16-18

Current new price is 172.21 pounds which is about $223.43 plus overseas freight.
Looking for a reasonable offer. Freight will be from 97070

I don’t need to sell these and if I ever go back to 18’s I will swap these back on in a heartbeat.
I just figured someone might be looking for a set.


For some sort of reference, with 225/19R45 tires, Fender to ground heights
Eibach --- Racingbeat
Front Pass --- 26 3/8 --- 27 1/4
Rear Pass --- 27 --- 27 1/2


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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