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Ive decided to go ahead and sell my JL 12w6v2 d4 mono Subwoofer since I just do not have the trunk space for the the type of work I do.
I used to have this sub and enclosure in my Mazda 6 last year but I ended up having it only in there for around a month. I ended up having to take it out and that is why I selling this I know the same will end up happening. I powered this with a jl 500/1 amp which I will also be selling soon.

I bought the Subwoofer new in the spring of last year and used it for only around a month since then.
Its in excellent working condition and has no tears rips or scratches on the sub itself. the sub and cone are in new condition still. I unscrewed the screws only so I could take the sub out of the box and take pictures.
I ordered the enclosure from a online retailer that makes custom sub enclosures. The enclosure itself is double reinforced and is made with 1 inch high quality mdf.
This sub sounds amazing. I have to say its the best sound quality I have ever heard from any sub, it really is top of the line. I really hate the idea of selling but I know I need to ....

The sub enclosure is built to exact specs as recommended for sealed enclosures (1.25 cu ft) on the JL website.
I also have 10 gauge stinger speaker wire that I installed inside the enclosure. The speaker wire has been soldered to the connectors in the back on the inside of the enclosure.
Also comes with the mesh speaker grill protector that installs on top of the sub.
There are a few minor scuffs on the mesh cover as seen in pictures below.

I will drill the screws and sub back into the enclosure before shipping.

Asking $280 plus shipping cost which includes sub enclosure and mesh sub cover.
The enclosure plus the sub all together weigh 47lbs so you can figure out around how much shipping will cost. Your also welcome to pick up locally near Augusta GA.
For a shipping quote pm me with your zip code.
I will then exchange information with the buyer. Next I will send an invoice through paypal to the buyer for the payment.
If you have any questions ask.

Here are some detailed specs about the sub also

Detailed item info
The JL Audio 12w6v2-d4 is a 12-inch subwoofer that provides a deep and aggressive bass effect. With a sensitivity rating of 85.9 dB, this JL Audio car subwoofer efficiently converts power to clear sound. An RMS power output of 600 watts of this 12-inch subwoofer facilitates proper handling of sustained music reproduction. A frequency response of 20-200 Hz helps this JL Audio car subwoofer to create an amazing bass effect. The JL Audio 12w6v2-d4 uses a polypropylene W-Cone with polyester foam surround, thus delivering superior bass performance with minimal distortion.

Brand JL Audio
Model 12w6v2-d4
UPC 368298556495
Key Features
Car Speaker Function Subwoofer
Size 12"
Type Component
Elements 2-Way
Powered Powered
RMS Power 600 watt RMS
Technical Features
Min Frequency Response 20 Hz
Max Frequency Response 200 Hz
Impedance 4 ohm
Sensitivity 86 dB
Peak Power Handling 1200 watt
Top Mounting Depth 7.6 in.
Enclosure Non-Enclosed
Mounting Diameter/Length 11 in.
Surround Material Rubber

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