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Hello Mazda 3 folks,

I hope I'm not stepping over any lines here, but I would like to sell a brand new GTSPEC mid-chassis brace for the mazda 3/MS3 (part #GTS-SUS-1158 )

I initially purchased it for my Volvo C30 (we share the same chassis) hoping it will fit, but unfortunately, the cat on the downpipe was too big and can not bolt on properly. As a result, I'm selling the brace here.

I'm more active on the C30crew forum, so for reference, here's a couple of links that will help prove my identity

My car:
DTL Silver C30 R-design w/ Track Shots - Page 3

My ebay username (100% positive feedback and powerseller):
eBay Feedback Profile for emporiumboutique

Below is the link to the item on GTSPEC's website:
GTSPEC Mid Chassis Brace for Mazda 3/MS3 | www.gtspec.com

Price: $130 shipped (within the US). Other countries will be extra.

Payment: I can take Paypal, personal checks or money order

Anyways, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!



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