I bought this 200g weighted shift knob and silver boot retainer from Billetworkz over the summer and have incurred about 1.5 months of use out of it, so it is like new and I still have the original box. The knob's official color is Candy Blue and it has the standard gear 6-speed layout engraved on it. The original price from the merchant was $130, not including taxes and fees. It is currently sitting in a 2018 Mazda3.

The reason why I am selling it is because I just want to get a more neutral color, like maroon, navy, silver, etc. That being said, I am open to trades depending on the knob (color and condition), and if it comes with a retainer. We can also just swap the knobs if you do not have a retainer / do not want one. The knob alone will cost $70.

In the first picture, the retainer isn't shown because I tucked the boot between it and the knob. You can see it in the picture from the box. Mods, I'd really like to not have to take apart the center console for the picture of the retainer with the identification card but if I must, I will.

Buyer is responsible for shipping fees.