Mileage:102000 M
Engine:2.3L DISI Turbo
2010 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 in Velocity Red

---Single owner, lightly modded, two sets of wheels and tires, engine heavily serviced recently---

If you're looking for a fun yet practical car that you have to shift yourself but will leave a smile on your face every time you drive it, I can assure you this is the car for you.
I bought the car new in 2010 and have enjoyed every minute of that ownership.

Now that I have a new toy and with my kids learning to drive, it is with sadness that I must sell the car.

-102000 miles
-Original owner (I bought it brand new)
-Garaged entire life minus the last few months
-Fully synthetic oil changes
-Only had small repaint on driver's side rear panels

Known issues and problems:
-Steering wheel material is degraded which is a common issue for this car
-Shifter knob has small imperfection
-Mazdaspeed door sill metal plate seals are somewhat degraded
-Small gash on rear bumper (picture)
-Headlights are a bit hazy and slightly discolored
-Rear speaker (driver's side) sometimes sounds bad and might be partially blown
-Passenger side front door switch sometimes reports the door is open despite being securely shut

Recent notable maintenance:
-Engine rebuild (100500 miles)
-Piston rings
-Spark Plugs
-Gaskets and seals
-Timing components
-Refurbished head
-Valve cleaning & valve seals
-Injector seals
-Rod bearings
-Exhaust manifold gasket
-Mass air flow sensor
-Mass air flow sensor seals
-Starter replaced
-PCV Hose replaced (cracked)
-Brand new OEM K04 turbo (100500 miles)

-Serpentine belt (91k miles)
-Brake pads and rotors (rear 79k miles, front 66k)
-Battery (99k miles)
-PCV Valve (around 90k miles)
-Corksport air filter (90k miles)
-Rear struts, mounts, springs (82k miles)
-Rear sway bar end links (82k miles)
-Front struts, mounts, bearings (60k miles)

-Corksport short shift kit
-Cocksport short ram intake & turbo inlet hose
-Corksport rear sway bar
-Corksport rear motor mount insert
-Koni FSD front struts and Koni Active R rear struts
-All LED interior lights & rear license plate lights are LED
-Main headlights bulbs are LED

Stock Parts
-I should still have some of the stock parts which will come with purchase of the car
-OEM rear sway bar
-OEM air box

Interior & exterior
-Interior is in great shape
-Exterior is in fairly good shape for a car of this age
-Underbody is mostly free of rust and in good shape

Wheels and tires
-Stock 18" rims with quite new summer Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires (about 6k miles)
-First generation Mazdaspeed 3 17" rims with all-season Continental DWS 06 tires that are quite new (about 10k miles)
-This gives you two sets of wheels and tires to run for summer vs. winter!

Fairly extensive maintenance records are on hand.

Asking $12,500