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FS: 2010 Mazda3 2.0 Part Out

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Buyer Pays Shipping. PM me for larger items. I will probably not be shipping the seats or roll bar but willing to drive a reasonable distance with a deposit!

ALL PARTS ARE OFF A 2nd Gen Mazda3.

Roll Bar will fit 2nd gen sedan, hatch, and Speed3.

Seats will fit 1st/2nd gen MZ3/Speed3

I will accept PayPal and if you are local I will accept cash. I prefer cash due to PP fees.

I am open to offers


Simota Carbon Charger Intake: $100 New Price: $70

SPC Camber Arms: $120 New Price: $100

Hawk DTC-60 Front Speed3 pads used for two HPDE events: $100 shipped New Price: $90 shipped


Ground Control Coilovers: $800 New Price: $650 SOLD FOR $600

JBR Rear Sway Bar: $120 SOLD FOR $90

Corbeau FX1 Pro and Corbeau FX1 SOLD FOR $500

Speed3/Mazda5 OEM Big Brake kit with brand new spare speed3 rotors, and stainless steel lines: $500 New Price: $450 SOLD FOR $450

JBR Short Shift Plate: $50 SOLD FOR $40

BRAND NEW! MOOG Top Hats: $80 SOLD FOR $65

Racequip Hans Style Camlock 6 point harness with quick release eye bolts/reinforcement plates: $180 SOLD FOR $180

TRZ Dogbone Rear Motor Mount: $50 SOLD FOR $50

Corbeau double locking seat bracket x2: $250 ($125 each) SOLD FOR $200

Autopower Race Roll Bar with double layered padding and all mounting hardware: $550 New Price: $400 SOLD FOR $400
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Interested in the intake and shifter. How much is it shipped to san jose ca 95111
I read your pm but couldn't reply due to my nonexistent post rate. Shoot me an email? tommyboi87 At gmail
Rear sway bar and one harness has been sold. Everything else is still available
Short Shift Plate Sold. Make me reasonable offers. Want to get rid of this stuff.
really interested in the camber arms. those are for the rear? might be a week before i can get them though
Yes, they are the rear camber arms. Worked great for track alignment and if you want to go low they work to add a lot of camber as well. PM me your zip or post here so I can get you a shipping quote so you can have a better idea of total cost
Bumping for price drops.
I'm interested in some of your stuff, but I can't PM you due to my lack of post history. Is there anyway you could PM me some contact info??
Front calipers/brackets, rear brackets, brake lines, and new front rotors are sold. DTC-60 Speed3 brake pads still available (Used for two events)

Both seats without brackets are pending sale
Seats are sold, brackets still available

Two Corbeau sliding double locking brackets available: $250 + shipping
Moog top hats sold.

Prices lowered on other items.
Interested in the Corbeau double locking brackets
Ground Control Coilovers are sold!!!!

Everything still available. I'm willing to ship the roll bar as well.
Seat Brackets and Roll Bar sold!
1 - 15 of 20 Posts
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