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I've owned my car for a little over a year and loved every second of it, but unfortunately I need to sell it. My girlfriend and I are moving to NYC soon and we don't need 2 cars. She is upside down on her car loan, so sadly it's my car that is being sold. I've always hand washed this car, and have done my best to wax it monthly. The car is 100% stock.

I owe money on the car so it does have a lien, however from my brief research I believe the purchase just has to be made at a Chase branch, and they will hand over the title.

I'm asking $17,000 which I think is fair based on KBB and NADA guides, however I'm willing to sell it for what I owe on the car, so make me an offer. The car is located on Long Island, NY.

My car is a 2010.5 S Hatchback
-Black Mica
-6 Speed Manual
-Base model S - No Options
-9,300 Miles

No Accidents

-Overall Excellent finish, above average I'd say
-A couple small scratches but nothing noticeable
-A couple swirl marks that I was intending to buff out this spring, again, I'm anal, and picky
-Waxed monthly
-I have Thule roof racks for it which I am currently trying to sell...I will include the racks with the car if desired
-Rims have never touched a curb, and are scratch free

-Flawless, like new
-No smoking, or eating ever allowed in my car
-Missing rear cargo cover, I left it on the side of the road after loading something and forgot it, been kicking myself ever since

-I have all maintenance records
-Due for its 10,000 mile service which I will take care of soon
-Used synthetic oil

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