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Front strut tower bar Q?

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Hey there!
Just a newb question here. Would it be beneficial to install a front strut tower bar on a stock Mazda3? Meaning no suspension mods.. Thanks!
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From the many who have already done their mods, their close-to-unanimous recommendation that a better first mod is a larger rear sway bar (RSB), and the majority who have done the latter, have installed the Progress RSB and been happy with it. And to be fair, the minority who have installed the stiffer Corksport RSB have also been very happy with it.

After doing that, some have gone on to install the tower strut base, with many happy, however some not thrilled with the consequent greater NVH.

If you want more info, you can use the red search icon (top right of screen), and find many, many threads on these subjects.
Another very good thread with lots of good, reasoned information. Thank you. I, like most, believe in working on handling issues one mod at a time, rather than throwing a bunch of mods together at the same time, hoping they work well together.

I have so much to learn, with still only one hour experience spiritedly driving a Mazda 3 on a curvy road.

I am immediately changing to a set of Michelin Pilot Sports A/S 3+'s, and as they have stiffer sidewalls than the OEM Dunlops, and as the A/S 3+'s are known for quick turn in, will try those out for a while, if necessary trying minor tire pressure adjustments to see how happy I then am with tires being my only initial handling change.

However, if I still want quicker turn in/less understeer, the next step would be the Progress RSB's (in their less firm setting). And if I want more improvement, will lastly add the Tanabe strut tower brace/bar, but I am not trying to change this car to an autocrosser/sports car circuit racer, just a "big fun" curvy country corner driver.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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