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Front strut tower bar Q?

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Hey there!
Just a newb question here. Would it be beneficial to install a front strut tower bar on a stock Mazda3? Meaning no suspension mods.. Thanks!
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A solid one piece alternative to the autoexe is a speedline front strut bar less than $100 bucks, and it indeed makes a diffdrence in handling not that much tho, probably just about 20% more predictable handling and on corners doesnt wobble that much.

The progress rsb is very good and reduces the understeer which makes you feel secure, better planted and faster in corners. I bought it from thmotorsports 139 dlls
Also, ultraracing bars are on sale on maxaudio.com.my at 56 dlls a front or rear strutbar, however the shipping is around 60 dlls
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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