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Considering taking a project on and could use some tips and/or advice on the subject.

A while back I purchased some Super Pro front LCA double offset rear position poly bushings and had a shop install them. These are the parts I'm talking about:

Not sure why, but I didn't get the LCA front position bushings at the time, but thought I should correct that since I plan on taking out the LCA to grease the current Super Pro bushings.

I just ordered these Super Pro bushings for the front LCA front position:

My question is whether this is a doable DIY project or not. I would just need a bushing press kit (which I can rent or buy easily), I already have the Energy Suspension Formula 5 silicone grease, the tools needed for removing the LCA/ball joint and the power tools brush bits to clean up the LCA mounting positions once the sealed bushings are removed.

FYI.. I have these bushings for anyone interested. I ordered them by mistake. Rear Super Pro control arm inner and outer poly bushings for a 2013 - 2017 Mazda 6 or 2013 to 2016 CX5. PM me.

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