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I'm a mazda 3 2014 4d hatchback owner, and we ran over a truck tire that came off a semi in front of us at highway speed. It took out the lower right black plastic piece below the fog light/indicator light and i want to replace that part. i am not sure of the name, but i think it may be the 'bezel'?

more mysteriously, there is a wire that was clearly ripped off of something that is hanging out the hole in the bumper. it is a black electrical tape wrapped pair of white/black wiring, but from poking around the visualizable areas i can not see what it goes to. the indicator works fine. there is a wiring plug just next to this missing bezel (just medial) which is intact and has its own intact wires going to it. there are no error codes on the dashboard. i cant figure out what these wires would have gone to, as the ?bezel on the other side just seems to be a black plastic fitting with no function.

would appreciate the formal name of this piece, as well as ideas about how i should address that wire hanging in the breeze
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